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2 reviews
  • Jas Johnson·

    Working with Uche proved totally efficient and productive. It was as if I was speaking to a friend that just so happened to be brilliant with computers! I RARELY provide feedback, unless verbal, however, I was so pleasantly surprised at Uche's knowledge and willingness to solve the issues, that I had to write about it. I deemed my HPpavx360 utterly useless for over a year; leaving me burdened by pending/cancelled projects. LO and BEHOLD in under 30 minutes, Uche fixed my computer. Pure shock and amazement was the cause of my "after-session", mini-celebration. I'm still so grateful for this and believe anyone who reaches out to Uche/COMP-FOO, will be too. I also appreciated the emails I received; one to confirm, one to remind, and one to provide feedback. Ask & receive! This computer co. is now my computer-everything. TY

  • Jas Johnson·

    Working with Uche was a pleasure. It was as-if I was speaking with a friend, that happened to be brilliant with computers. Not only that, I also received a few helpful emails regarding my appointment; one confirmation, one reminder and one, "how'd we do?" kind-of-email. Computers are not always straight forward (for me), yet Uche's communication, was... Yielding fast results and a workable HP Pavx360, I deemed useless. I was simply *shocked* - and am still, *very grateful.*

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